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Choosing the Perfect Dining Table for Your Singaporean Home

by Leading Solution 13 May 2024

At the heart of any Singaporean home, the dining table is where memories are made and laughter fills the air. From quiet gatherings with family to lively celebrations, your dining room is truly the heart of the home. It’s the backdrop for so many memories and sets the stage for countless culinary adventures. And that’s precisely why it’s so important to choose the perfect dining table! 

For better or worse, the endless array of styles and materials out there makes choosing the perfect dining table for your Singapore home a bit overwhelming. And that’s why we’ve brought in the experts to help! Our expert furniture curators and designers can guide you through all of the essential questions to consider and help you navigate the wide world of dining tables. 

Ready to discover that dream table that will elevate your home and work with your lifestyle? Here’s everything that you need to know. 

What to Ask Before You Buy a Table 

A table is a cornerstone of your home. It anchors your space and serves a multitude of purposes. With a vast array of choices out there though, picking out the ideal dining set takes careful consideration. Here are crucial questions to guide you before you buy:

  • What's the main function of the table? Will it be a dining space, a surface for homework and hobbies, or a versatile space for anything and everything?
  • How big is your space? What size table would fit comfortably while allowing plenty of walking space? Be sure to consider doorways and furniture placement to make sure that you have a seamless flow of traffic. 
  • How often do you host dinner parties? Do you need an extendable dining table to give you the flexibility that you need to accommodate extra guests comfortably?
  • What is your existing décor like? Would you call it modern, classic, elegant, or eclectic? 
  • Do you know what kind of table shape you prefer? Do you like rectangular tables for a traditional look? Do you prefer the conversation flow of a round dining table? 
  • How much wear and tear will the table get on a regular basis? Do you have young children or playful pets? 
  • How much time and effort are you willing to invest in upkeep? Keep in mind that some materials like marble dining room tables require regular maintenance, while others like sintered stone dining tables offer a low-maintenance approach.
  • Have you set a realistic budget? Prices on tables in Singapore vary quite a bit and it’s important to get a sense of how much you’ll need to pay to get a table that meets your needs. 

While it isn’t crucial to have the answer to every question, you can gain a deeper understanding of your needs and preferences by taking some time to consider them. These key points will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect table that seamlessly integrates with your home and works with your daily life.

What Is the Best Material For A Dining Table

When it comes to choosing the perfect dining table for your Singaporean home, material selection is crucial. While wood and wood alternatives offer a classic look, our hot and humid climate makes wood a less ideal pick. Wood can warp or crack over time due to humidity, and while engineered wood products offer some additional pros and cons, they still require more maintenance compared to other options.

For ultimate durability and resistance to Singapore's climate, stone reigns supreme. Options like granite and marble offer timeless elegance and natural beauty. However, as much as we love natural stone tables, both materials have drawbacks in Singapore's environment. The sweltering heat here can cause some natural stones to expand and contract, and turning the aircon on and off only exacerbates the issue. Over time, this repeated expansion and contraction can lead to cracks in the surface, especially around areas where hot dishes are placed.

On top of the heat, the high humidity levels in Singapore can be problematic for natural stone dining tables. Marble, for example, is porous and will absorb moisture from the air, which makes it more susceptible to staining. This means that you have to do regular sealing to maintain its pristine look (and that can be as often as every few weeks).

Why We Love Sintered Stone Dining Tables in Singapore 

The best material for dining tables in Singapore is sintered stone. This innovative material offers the best of both worlds. You get the sophisticated look of natural stone combined with high-tech durability.  

Sintered stone is engineered to be highly resistant to heat, scratches, stains, and even chemicals, making it perfect for Singapore's climate and active lifestyles. You won't have to worry about spills, humidity, or hot plates damaging the surface. Plus, sintered stone comes in a wide variety of styles and colours, allowing you to find the perfect match for your décor.

So, while wood and wood alternatives might seem like traditional choices, sintered stone is the perfect pick if you want a luxury dining set that is gorgeous and easy. Its unbeatable durability, low maintenance requirements, and stunning aesthetics are just impossible to beat! 

Choosing the Right Dining Table Size and Shape  

You need a dining table that can keep up with your life. From homework sessions to dinner parties, we expect a lot of our dining sets and they’ve got to deliver! To make sure that your new table is up to the task, let’s take a look at some key deciding factors in choosing the perfect table.

Cearra Round Dining Table / 5D Diamond Marble Casa Concetto Singapore

Cearra Round Dining Table

Round Dining Tables: In Singapore, round tables are some of the biggest sellers. And it’s easy to see why: compact spaces reign supreme here but we love big family gatherings! Round tables are perfect for small spaces and, best of all, they create a warm and inviting dining atmosphere. Options like the Cearra Round Dining Table are popular picks and have table size options ranging from 1.20 to 1.50 m. 

Leverett Round Extendable Dining Table / Sintered Stone Casa Concetto Singapore

Leverett Round Extendable Dining Table

Round Extendable Dining Tables: In Singapore, round tables that expand for larger gatherings are another popular choice. These versatile tables seamlessly transform to accommodate guests and then scale down to save space on a day-to-day basis. Options like the Leverett Round Extendable Dining Table extend to seat anywhere from two to six people. 

Graciano Dining Table / Sintered Stone Casa Concetto Singapore

Candida Dining Table


Rectangle Dining Table: Timelessly elegant dining tables like the Candida Dining Table are ideal for long narrow spaces. They are a perfect transitional space between a gallery kitchen and an open living room. They can seat up to six people and also offer extra counter space for cooking and prepping meals. 

Atsuko Dining Table / Sintered Stone Casa Concetto Singapore

Theodore Dining Table

Oblong Dining Table: For a unique dining table with plenty of space, look to a chic and modern pick like the Theodore Dining Table. With sizes ranging up to 3 metres in length, these extra-long tables were made for long evenings around the dinner table.

Visit this article to learn how you can style various dining table designs to match your home's aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions on Choosing the Perfect Dining Table for Your Singaporean Home

Looking for more inspiration to create the perfect dining space? Whether you’re looking for a classy modern luxury dining table or a simple kitchen table, there are a few factors to consider. Keep reading to explore some of our most frequently asked questions from people looking to buy a dining table in Singapore. 

What is the best size for a dining table in Singapore?

The best size for a dining table depends on your space and how many people live in your home. When shopping for a dining table in Singapore, you will find that the average table is between 120 cm to 150 cm and can seat anywhere from four to six people. If you need more space than that, you will find large dining room table options that range from 150 cm up to even 300 cm. While those can be great for big gatherings, an expandable dining table can be a great option if you don’t need that much space on a daily basis.  

What materials are best for dining tables in Singapore's climate?

Singapore's hot and humid climate can wreak havoc on dining tables. When it comes to classic picks like wood dining tables, warping and moisture damage are real concerns. The same goes for natural stones like marble and granite. So, what is the best dining table for Singapore? We love sintered stone because it offers the best of both worlds, durability and low maintenance in a stylish package.

Engineered to withstand the high heat and humidity, as well as the scratches and knicks from daily life, sintered stone thrives where other materials struggle. Unlike wood, it won't warp or crack due to humidity, and unlike some natural stones, it resists heat damage from hot plates. Busy families and spill-prone little ones can breathe a sigh of relief since sintered stone can handle everyday wear and tear with ease.

Best of all, maintaining this sintered stone dining table is effortless. All you need to do to take care of sintered stone is wipe it off like you would a sink. The endless work of regular sealing, oiling, and other maintenance routines that wood and natural stone tables require is gone! 

On top of that top-class functionality and easy maintenance, sintered stone dining tables have a luxurious look that rivals natural stone. From the sleek elegance of a dark grey stone to modern onyx tones to the timeless beauty of a white marble table, engineered stone table options will leave you spoiled for choice. 

Check out this article to compare different dining table materials to find the one that fits your home.

What are some space-saving dining table options for small Singapore apartments?

For small dining spaces in Singapore, round tables like the Modesto Round Dining Table and extendable tables like the Candida Extendable Dining Table are perfect for making the most of every square metre. 

Where can I find quality dining tables in Singapore?

Buying a dining table in Singapore means finding a dining set that can meet the demands of the climate and busy family life. Forget warping wood and high-maintenance materials, and look to Casa Concetto as your one-stop shop for premium sintered stone dining tables.

We understand the challenges of Singapore's heat and humidity. Our curated selection of sintered stone tables thrives in our local environment. Unlike other materials, sintered stone resists warping, heat damage, and even scratches.  Busy households and clumsy cooks can rejoice because these tables handle everyday wear and tear with ease.

And, as everyone with a busy life knows, beauty shouldn't require constant upkeep. Sintered stone maintains its stunning look with a simple wipe-down. Forget the routine of constantly sealing marble or dealing with oiling wood. Our sintered stone tables free you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying meals with loved ones.

Despite focusing solely on sintered stone, we offer a diverse range in style and colour.  Imagine the sleek sophistication of a dark grey table anchoring a modern space, or the timeless charm of a white table creating a light and airy feel. No matter your décor, Casa Concetto has the perfect sintered stone table to complement your Singaporean haven.

Explore Casa Concetto to discover the world of sintered stone dining tables.  Our focus on this premium material ensures you get a table that's both beautiful and built to last in Singapore's unique climate.  Embrace a dining experience that's effortless, stylish, and perfectly suited to your Singaporean home.

Choosing the Perfect Dining Chairs 

Now that you’ve got the perfect dining table in mind, don’t forget the final step: new dining chairs! Chairs are the perfect companions to your stunning sintered stone dining table and are more than an afterthought. The ideal dining room sets provide comfort for long meals, add a touch of style, and complete the overall look of your dining space. Here's how to find the perfect chairs to complement your table:

  • Comfort is King: Ergonomics are essentials. Look for chairs with proper back support and a good seat height to give you the most comfortable dining experience, especially during long gatherings. Casa Concetto offers chairs like the  Micaela Dining Chair with its plush cushioning, or the Verona Dining Chair with its full leather design and armrests for ultimate comfort.
  • Material Marvels: Consider the material of your chair upholstery. Fabric offers a softer feel, while leather provides a touch of luxury. Remember to factor in durability, maintenance, and Singapore's climate when making your choice. 
  • Complementary Style:  Your chairs should seamlessly blend with the style of your sintered stone table and overall décor. Modern tables pair well with sleek, minimalist chairs, while rustic tables might call for upholstered chairs with a touch of texture. 

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table for Your Singaporean Home: Final Thoughts 

Singapore's vibrant culture thrives on connection, and the dining table acts as centre stage. Fortunately, now that you know everything that you need to know to navigate the world of dining tables, you’re ready to find the perfect table set for your home. 

The perfect table isn't just about aesthetics! It is about making a home space with your can creating memories that last a lifetime. 

Looking for expert advice or to see dining sets in a Singapore showroom? Contact us today

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