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Dining Table Styling Tips to Elevate Your Dining Experience in Singapore

by Leading Solution 13 May 2024

Singaporean gatherings are legendary for their warmth, vibrancy, and, of course, the delicious food! But what truly elevates a meal from ordinary to extraordinary? The answer lies in the heart of your home: the dining table. Whether it’s a simple family breakfast or a holiday dinner, a stunning tablescape can bring things to the next level.  

Ready to dazzle? Let’s talk to the experts to get tips on transforming your table into a conversation starter and a true centrepiece of your gathering. To guide your transformation, we will take a look at the specific strengths and considerations for round, oblong, square, and rectangular tables to help you bring out the full potential of every space and create a memorable dining experience. 

Here’s everything that you need to know about how to style a dining room table.

How to Create the Perfect Centrepiece 

A beautiful centrepiece can elevate any occasion but it can be tricky to find the right piece for your unique space. Far from a one-size-fits-all affair, choosing the right dining table comes down to the occasion, table size, and your unique style. While there are countless variables, there are a few cardinal rules that will help guide you. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

Centrepiece Rule One: Keep Conversation Flowing

Above all else, it is essential to choose a centrepiece that complements conversation rather than hindering it. Regardless of your dining table shape, you will want to opt for a low floral arrangement or a sculptural piece that doesn't block the line of sight across the table. Keep in mind that you don’t want any of your guests to feel like they have to move their heads to look around a floral arrangement or other centrepiece. 

Centrepiece Rule Two: Embrace Versatility

Don't be afraid to experiment with heights and styles! If you have the space, taller flower arrangements can add drama on square or rectangular tables. For a smaller space, lower bouquet options with interesting textures work well on all dining room table shapes. Not a fan of flowers? An artisanal basket overflowing with colourful fruits adds a vibrant touch to your table (and is a practical pick that you won’t have to throw away after a week!). 

Centrepiece Rule Three: Proportion is Key

On top of height, you will also want to consider the width of your centrepiece. It’s important to make sure that your centrepiece is appropriately sized for your table. A massive centrepiece will overwhelm a small table, while a tiny one will be lost on a large one. 

Centrepiece Rule Four: Functionality First

As you explore centrepiece sizing options, make sure that your tablescape stays functional. Leave enough space for plates, glasses, and serving dishes for a comfortable dining experience.

To be sure that your centrepiece is the perfect size, set the table. Check that there is plenty of room for all of your glasses, plates, and flatware. Consider any additional trays, bowls, and bottles that you may want on the table for sharing during the meal. Of course, you don’t need to bring every single item out to the table but lay down a few pieces to get a sense of how much space you’ll want to account for per person.

After you have a good sense of the required space, decide on how much space you can allow for the centrepiece. Aim for a happy medium that doesn't interfere with the flow of dining but also doesn't get lost in the tablescape.

Graciano Dining Table / Sintered Stone Casa Concetto Singapore

Candida Dining Table

Elevate Your Tablescape Beyond the Centrepiece  

All too often people stick a centrepiece on their table and call it done. While that is perfectly fine for every day, you bring things to the next level by adding more details. Let’s look at how to add more elements to your tablescape. 

Play with Textures and Patterns

You can add depth and visual interest with tablecloths or placemats. Layer a textured runner over a solid tablecloth for a sophisticated look, or mix contrasting patterns for a bolder statement. If you have a dark table colour like the rich black or grey tones of the Thiemo Dining Table, bring in lighter tones to create dimension. If you have a minimalist dining table like the Candida Extendable Dining Table in a white sintered stone pattern, you add dimension with darker elements that will create depth. 

Balance is Beautiful

Use a tablecloth or placemats that leave the border of the table exposed. This creates definition and prevents your tablescape from feeling too cluttered.

Less is More

On top of keeping textiles and mats simple, make sure that you avoid overcrowding the table in general. A few well-chosen accessories like coasters, napkin holders, or a small decorative bowl can add personality without overwhelming the space.

Lighting Matters

Overhead lighting is essential, but consider adding candles or strategically placed table lamps for a warm and inviting ambience, especially in corners for square and rectangular tables.

Work with Your Table Shape 

While personal style reigns supreme, understanding how to work with your table's shape will guide you to maximise the full potential of your space. Round tables create intimacy with conversation-friendly centrepieces, while square tables offer a platform for dramatic space. Rectangular tables, on the other hand, provide a canvas for themed displays that will let you truly tailor your tablescape to the gathering and create a lasting impression.

To help you elevate your dining experience, let’s look at what to consider for each table shape. 

Modesto Round Extendable Dining Table / Sintered Stone Casa Concetto Singapore

Modesto Round Dining Table

How to Style Round Dining Tables

The beauty of a round dining table goes beyond aesthetics. Its circular shape creates a sense of intimacy and encourages conversation. For many people, it’s the go-to choice for creating a warm and welcoming dining space. 

To maximise its potential for both form and function, here are a few things to consider when creating a tablescape. 

Embrace the Centrepiece

Unlike rectangular tables where centrepieces can feel confined, round tables offer a canvas for creativity. A beautiful floral arrangement or a sculptural piece adds a focal point and sets the tone for your table. Just remember to keep the height low to make sure that you have clear sightlines across the table for easy conversation. 

For small to mid-sized dining tables like the Modesto Round Dining Table, that could mean keeping the centrepiece as a simple mat or tray to hold essential items. For a large oblong dining table like the Theodore Dining Table, the sky's the limit.

Seating Versatility 

The beauty of round tables lies in their flexibility. Unlike rectangular tables where seating is predetermined, round tables give you a variety of arrangements. Choose chairs that complement the table's style, whether it's a set of matching chairs for a cohesive look or a mix-and-match approach for a more eclectic vibe. For even more flexibility, look at extendable round tables like the Leverett Round Extendable Dining Table.

Accessorise with Intention

Round tables don't need as much decoration as their rectangular counterparts. That said, a few well-chosen accessories can elevate the space. Look to coasters, napkin holders, or a small decorative bowl that complement your overall theme and add a touch of personality without creating clutter.

Atsuko Dining Table / Sintered Stone Casa Concetto Singapore

Theodore Dining Table

How to Style Oblong Dining Tables

Oblong dining tables are an eye-catching style that was made for creating stunning tablescapes. By embracing the table's elongated shape and incorporating creative elements, you can transform mealtimes into unforgettable experiences for you and your guests.

Go for a Unique Runner 

Ditch the traditional centrepiece and create a themed runner instead. Use a long roll of fabric or even wallpaper that reflects the occasion. For a garden party, use a floral patterned fabric with small potted succulents placed strategically. For a holiday party, embrace the colours of the seasons and add accents throughout. 

Decadent Clusters

For an oblong table, skip the single centrepiece and create clusters of smaller items instead. Arrange groups of candlesticks, vases in varying heights, or interesting sculptures in a scattered formation along the centre of the table. This creates visual interest and leaves space for conversation across the table.

Hanging Elegance

For a truly unique experience, consider a hanging centrepiece. Install fairy lights or strings of crystals above the table to create a magical ambience. This works especially well for oblong tables as it doesn't obstruct conversation in the centre.

Focus on Place Settings

Elevate your place settings to create a sense of occasion. Use mismatched vintage plates in a cohesive colour scheme. Fold napkins in unique origami shapes or tie them with sprigs of fresh herbs.

Candida Dining Table / 5D Diamond Marble Casa Concetto Singapore

Candida Extendable Dining Table

How to Style Square Dining Tables

Square dining tables offer a modern and sophisticated feel that is perfect for creating a defined dining area. While they might not encourage conversation quite as naturally as round tables, their sharp lines and defined corners can create a striking and stylish space. Here's how to style your square table to maximise its potential.

Centrepiece Magic

A centrepiece is key on a square table, but unlike round tables, you have more freedom to play with the height. A tall and elegant floral arrangement or a sculptural piece can add a touch of drama. Alternatively, a lower-profile centrepiece with interesting textures like a woven basket filled with colourful fruits can create a vibrant focal point.

Play with Proportion

Square tables have the benefit of balance and that gives you more options for experimentation. You can use a tablecloth or placemats that leave a border of the table exposed to create a sense of definition or for a more contemporary look, you can use a square tablecloth that hangs just slightly over the edge.

Seating Strategy

Square tables offer a good level of flexibility in your seating arrangements. You can use matching chairs all around for a formal look, or alternate between different chair styles for a more casual vibe. Play around with ideas like adding unique dining chairs such as the Edra Dining Chair or classic picks like the Clarke Dining Chair that are perfect for mixing and matching. You might also consider adding armchairs like the Verona Dining Chair at the head of the table for a touch of grandeur.

Diagonal Details

Square tables give you the perfect opportunity to incorporate diagonal elements into your table. Fold your napkins diagonally for a touch of elegance or use a table runner placed diagonally across the table to add visual interest. These little tricks can help soften the table's sharp lines and create a more dynamic aesthetic.

Lighting Up the Corners

Lighting is always important in a well-designed home and that is double true when you have a square dining table. This table makes overhead pendant lighting essential and you might also want to consider additional candles or other lighting sources to keep the corners at night. 

Accessorise with Care

Since square tables already have strong lines, keep decorations minimal. A set of sleek candleholders or a small, modern sculpture can add personality without overwhelming the space.

Thiemo Dining Table / Sintered Stone Casa Concetto Singapore

Thiemo Dining Table

How to Style Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular dining tables are a timeless choice that gives you both elegance and practicality. Their clean lines and versatile layouts make them perfect for any dining space, while their expansive surface creates a wonderful area for conversation and connection over meals. To get you inspired to bring yours to the next level, let's explore some ideas to bring your rectangular table to life.

Themed Tablescapes

Embrace your table's unique shape and forget traditional centrepieces. With a rectangular table, you can create a themed tablescape that utilises the entire surface. Think rustic charm with a wooden crate overflowing with greenery and mason jars filled with fairy lights. Want a more modern tablescape? Channel a contemporary art exhibit with a collection of contemporary sculptures strategically placed across the table.

Mix and Match Magic

Don't be afraid to break the mould when it comes to seating. Gone are the days of perfectly matched chairs. Embrace the table's graphic nature by using a variety of chair styles, colours, and textures. Actually, interesting pieces like the Averie Dining Chair or Cletus Dining Chair create a dynamic and visually interesting seating arrangement that is perfect for sparking conversation.

Level Up Your Layers

Square tables create a gorgeous canvas for layered textures. Ditch the traditional tablecloth and explore the world of runners and placemats. Use a bold, patterned runner down the centre of the table, then layer on contrasting placemats for each guest to create a sense of depth and visual intrigue. If you have a modern marble dining table like the Candida Dining Table, experiment with modern and bright designs to enhance the contemporary vibe. If you have an elegant dining table like the Friede Dining Table, go for bold and decent touches to enhance the glamour. 

Play with Patterns

Rectangle tables were made for bold geometric patterns. Use patterned placemats, a tablecloth with a graphic design, or even patterned tableware. And don't shy away from contrasting patterns! Embrace the mix for a playful and eclectic vibe.

Dining Table Styling Tips: Final Thoughts 

By stepping outside the box and embracing the table's unique geometry, you can transform your tablescape into a conversation starter and a true focal point in your home. It will be a space that reflects your personality and invites guests to gather, connect, and create lasting memories.

Remember, your dining table is more than just furniture! it's the heart of your dining experience. If you are still deciding which dining table to go for, hopefully this article on dining table materials can help with your decision. Want to upgrade your experience? Explore our collection of high-end, modern dining tables made from sintered stone. Our luxury dining tables come in a range of colours and can be customised for you.

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